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Family Wellness

Wellness is more than just “feeling OK”. Instead, it is the active pursuit of your overall well-being. With regular chiropractic care, we can help those of all ages achieve better health.

It’s most important to understand that chiropractic is not a treatment for disease. It’s purpose is to reduce spinal nerve stress. Your spine houses and protects your nervous system. The brain, spinal cord and nerves are the master controller of all your body’s systems; immune, hormonal, respiratory and digestive. When a chiropractor frees the nervous system from spinal stress, the healing power of the body is unleashed: the immune system functions more efficiently, resistance to disease increases, and the body functions more efficiently.


Father and Son

Some may ask, “Why should I continue chiropractic care if I do not have any symptoms and I feel better?” Just because symptoms disappear, does not mean your subluxations (misalignment(s) of the vertebrae) are corrected. Spinal degeneration (decay) can take years to develop. The trauma of the birth process, slips, falls, accidents and countless other stresses over the course of your lifetime adversely affect the health of your spine. 

The longer you wait to have your spine checked by a chiropractor, the longer it will take to correct your subluxations. However, how you choose to use chiropractic care is ultimately up to you. It has been our experience that those who stop care when they are “feeling fine” return with the same health challenge(s) which brought them to our office in the first place…only it’s usually gotten worse. On the other hand, many of those who commit to long-term, wellness chiropractic care find their health challenge(s) are eliminated or improved so that they can enjoy a higher quality of life and health.

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